Solid Brick

Made with high-quality raw materials, these bricks are manufactured, keeping advanced
technology in mind. Solid bricks are perfect for several constructions and building the
strongest structures.


Picket Brick

Picket bricks are one of the most commonly used construction elements. These kinds of
handmade bricks are used for diverse usage. Picket bricks are used in domestic and
commercial building plasters. Some of the most popular purposes for picket bricks are
making roofs, terraces, garden spaces etc.


3 Hole Brick

Three-hole brick forms an even tougher bond because of its shape and making. Although
the holes are not visible in the finished product, these holes hold the masonry structure
more securely. The holes in the three-hole brick save raw materials while manufacturing

bricks. These bricks weigh less and hold more mortar in the gaps, which act as a lock
between the two bricks to create a stronger bond.


10 Hole Brick

The ten holes in the core of these bricks made them an excellent choice for making the most
extended buildings. These bricks have a lightweight design, and the holes allow them to
keep the construction very strong. With the maximum amount of mortar holding capacity,
the ten-hole bricks form the strongest interlocking and tightest bond in the masonry. The
holes in these bricks allow better-induced heat absorption, which keeps the building cooler